Doctorfish Tang - (Acanthurus chirurgus)

Doctorfish Tang - (Acanthurus chirurgus)

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Care Level - Moderate

Temperament- Semi-aggressive

Reef Safe - Yes

Max Size - 1'

Min. Tank Size - 200

Acanthurus chirurgus, also known as the Doctorfish Tang, is a species of tang that has sharp, scalpel-like, dorsal fins. They are usually a blue/grey to dark grey coloration with faded brown vertical brown stripes. The Doctorfish is one of the hardier tang species but should be kept in a large tank providing it ample space to swim freely and a good amount of rock for it to hide in. The Doctorfish is best kept in a fish-only tank as it may nip at small inverts and corals. They also shouldn't be kept with species of its own kind but can be kept with other tangs. It will eat most meaty prepared foods, herbivorous foods, and algae in your tank. Overall, the Doctorfish is a good fish to house in a fish-only aquarium but will also thrive in a reef tank if no inverts are present.